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Commercial Agreement between Wychwood Tennis Club and Tenniszon

Tenniszon is offering a discount of 10% to club members for all purchases (at full price) at Tenniszon, promotion code: Wychwood

In addition, for those members who would like to order a junior tennis racquet, we suggest these models, which you can purchase at Tenniszon:


Babolat Nadal, with cover

$40 (including taxes), Reg: 44.95$ plus tax

Size available: 26in.


Head Radical (orange and black), with cover

29$ (including taxes), Reg: 34.95$ plus tax

Sizes available: 19in., 21in., 23in., 25in.


Head Novak (blue), with cover

29$ (including taxes), Reg: 34.95$ plus tax

Sizes available: 19in., 21in., 23in., 25in.


Head Maria (purple and pink), with cover

29$ (including taxes), Reg: 34.95$ plus tax

Sizes available: 19in., 21in., 23in., 25in.


See section Frequent Questions Question 1 for guidelines for correct sizing of your child’s racquet.

Check out Tenniszon’s inventory of tennis equipment at www.tenniszon.com. You will find a wide selection of tennis racquets, tennis shoes, tennis clothing and accessories, as well all items for racquet sports in general. 

 To place an order, contact Jean-Marc Bourgeois: telephone 1_800_353_8661 or by email at service@tenniszon.com.

To avoid delivery charges, order by April 9, 2019. 

Racquets will be distributed when we distribute tokens and process registration in person on April 13, 2019 or at the first meeting of the first course in spring.

If you want to order other items, they can also be distributed at these times.

For your convenience, the club will have a limited number of children’s racquets available for sale when we distribute tokens and process registration in person on April 13, 2019 at the Wychwood courts.  

It’s a good idea to reserve your racquet to make sure we have the size you need. You can do this by filling out the Registration for courses-form, which you will find in the section: Registration.


Centre Hi-Fi

An incredible, exclusive offer from Centre Hi-Fi: prices you won’t find anywhere else – not in their promotional flyers, not on the Web, not in stores – on various electronics (audio, video, photo, computer) as well as furniture and accessories.

1.    Visit Centre Hi-Fi’s website at http://www.centrehifi.com/en to select the products and/or accessories you need.

2.    Contact Centre Hi-Fi by e-mail (patricka@centrehifi.com) or by phone at (514) 274-7217  - NOTE: this exclusive offer is not available in stores.

3.    Be ready to provide the following information:

- First and last name, street address, city, postal code, telephone number(s) and email

- Your Tennis Québec membership number (found on your membership card)

- The name of your outdoor club or Tennis Québec-affiliated municipality.

IMPORTANT: Your membership number as well as the name of your club or Tennis Québec-affiliated municipality are required to take advantage of this exclusive offer – Centre Hi-Fi could ask for a copy of your membership card to ensure your eligibility.

- Product description(s): type of product (example: 55-inch 4K television), make, model and the price displayed on the website.

4.    Within 3-4 working days, via e-mail, you will receive confirmation of the price for each product (before taxes), the availability (1) of the product and the delivery method (2) – either directly to your home (delivery charges apply) or to one of more than 50 Centre Hi-Fi stores in Quebec (an in-store pickup number will be sent to the member, who can then go to any pre-selected store to pick up their purchase).

5.    To complete your order, you must proceed to payment by entering your credit card information (Visa or Mastercard). Make sure you provide this information as soon as you receive the Centre Hi-Fi email confirmation, to ensure the availability of the product(s) ordered.

By taking advantage of this offer, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you get unbeatable prices (very close to cost price). As well, you also will contribute to the financing of Tennis Québec’s programs. Centre Hi-Fi will remit a portion of the total annual sales generated by this exclusive offer to Tennis Québec!

1 Centre Hi-Fi cannot guarantee the availability of a product at the time of ordering. A comparable product could be suggested, if that’s the case.

2 Delivery charges may apply. In that case, Centre Hi-Fi will advise the member of the timeframe for delivery of the ordered product.



Racquet Stringing

Richard Trudel

Racquet Stringing – labor $20 plus strings.

Fast, local service

Contact Richard Trudel at 819_684_1317, trudelr@tenniswychwood.com.





Last update:

February 24, 2019


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