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Adult Ladder League Rules



To give adult members (18+) the opportunity to play organized singles matches in a friendly context.


Each participant is assigned to a group of 4 to 6 players on the first day of each month. The assignment is based on past results, or for new participants, the evaluation of the league coordinator.  The groups are arranged to even the level of play within each group as much as possible.

The participants of each group are responsible for organizing their matches depending on their availability and availability of the courts. Please consult the schedule of club activities to avoid conflicts, and please report any scheduling constraints you may have to the other members of your group ahead of time.

You have until the last day of the month to play with all the members of your group. We recommend that you schedule your matches early in the month in case you need to reschedule because of weather, injuries or holidays etc.


Before each match:

- Players will decide on the format they wish to use: you can play a pro-set of 8 games, the best 2 out of 3 sets (sets of 6 or 4 games; games with or without the advantage point), or a 2-set match and a “super” tie break to 10 instead of a 3rd set, etc.

- Players will also agree on what they want to do in the case of an unfinished match, for example a match which is interrupted because of weather or court time rules [your hour is up and others are waiting to play] etc.

You may determine the winner by:

a) Using the actual score (victory, defeat or tie)

b) Continuing your match at another time


After your match, please email the match results to ligue-echelle@tenniswychwood.com. You don’t need to give the exact score, simply who won or whether it was a tie.

Example: Maryse vs Justin; Maryse won or it was a tie.

Unless there are mitigating circumstances, if you don’t play your matches you may be asked to withdraw from the ladder league.

A win is worth 1 point; a loss is worth 0 points; a tie is worth 0.5 points.

If you and a member of your pool are unable to play your match by the end of the play period, the league coordinator will resolve the matter, possibly by giving each player 0 if appropriate. 

Players’ groups will change with each play period, depending on the number of players in each pool, and the number of new participants. In cases of a tie, the coordinator will make the final decision.







Last update:

March 29, 2022


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